Monte Carlo Rally Wikia

François Duval (born 18 November 1980) is a rally driver from Belgium.


His first attempt at the Monte came in 2002 driving a Ford Puma S1600 where he won the JWRC class dominating from stage 3, when the early leader pulled out. In 2004 Duval finished in third overall driving for Ford works team.

Monte Carlo results[]

Year # Car Co-Driver Result
2002 55 Ford Puma S1600 Jean-Marc Fortin 17th
2003 5 Ford Focus RS WRC '02 Jean-Marc Fortin 7th
2004 8 Ford Focus RS WRC '03 Jean-Marc Fortin 3rd
2005 2 Ford Focus RS WRC '02 Stephane Prevot DNF
2006 17 Škoda Fabia WRC Patrick Pivato DNF
2008 17 Ford Focus RS WRC '07 Eddy Chevaillier 4