Monte Carlo Rally Wikia

JWRC Class in the 2002 Monte Carlo Rally was won by Belgian François Duval (#55) driving the Volkswagen Polo 16V. The class had a high rate of attrition and only 9 out of 27 entrants finished. An early leader in the race, Dani Solà (#65) was forced to retire with broken clutch meaning Duval took the lead from stage 3 onwards.


Pos. No. Driver Car Time/Retired
1 55 Belgian flag.png François Duval Volkswagen Polo 16V 4:25:06.2
2 60 Italian flag.png Nicola Caldani Peugeot 206 S1600 +4:14.9
3 78 Template:Lebanon Roger Feghali Ford Puma S16000 +7:10.4
4 67 Template:Sweden Daniel Carlsson Ford Puma S16000 +7:24.1
5 71 Austrian flag.png David Doppelreiter Peugeot 206 S1600 +9:47.6